A handy HR checklist for doing business in South Africa


Employees in South Africa are among the most protected in the world and our labour legislation ensures that the workforce is dealt with in a responsible and caring manner. It is therefore imperative that employers understand what their obligations are and that the basics are in place when conducting business in South Africa.

It may be tempting for employers to view Labour Legislation in a negative way; as something that has to be complied with purely to avoid punishment. However, this legislation was put in place to protect the employer and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the workforce. So although the Labour Law and related aspects have the necessary teeth to force compliance, it should be adhered to for many other reasons as well. Competing in a global market allows for the implementation of best practices that makes business sense.

Getting to grips with all the different aspects of the Law and related practices can be confusing and overwhelming – especially for a company in the early stages of growth. We have therefore developed a handy checklist that outlines the most essential HR requirements for businesses trading in South Africa. This checklist is intended to act as a tool that assists businesses to hone in on the HR priorities, making sure they apply their effort to the areas that matter most.

We would like to invite you to download this HR checklist and use it as part of your own company’s compliance and audit records. It is available right here:

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Compliance with Labour Legislation should be a priority for any business in South Africa. If you would like further information or guidance with this, please make contact with us and we will do our best to assist you.

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