How a Virtual Assistant can make your day


In business we often hear the claim that ‘time is money”, and this is indeed true in a business environment occupied by highly trained professionals. So, how can a Virtual Assistant make a difference?

The practice of using less costly resources to handle the admin routine in a company is nothing new. This has been done for centuries already. But what is new is the technological challenge that even the most ‘mundane’ admin tasks entail in a modern business environment.

Gone are the typewriters, fax machines and snail mail of yesterday. A new world of computers, tablets, email and cloud computing has taken over. Whereas this new way of doing business requires deeper skills than before, it has also brought with it a host of advantages. Four of the main advantages are:

  • Admin staff have become more productive and effective
  • Many admin tasks can be done offsite
  • What used to be a full time admin job can often be done on a part time basis
  • All of this results in cost savings

It is no longer necessary for many companies to recruit fulltime personal assistants. Instead, a new designation has entered the arena: The Virtual Assistant.

How to get value from a Virtual Assistant

Most virtual assistants are contract or freelance workers who do their jobs from home and focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those of an executive assistant or secretary. Using a Virtual Assistant can indeed shave hours from your workweek without the heavy overheads of a permanent personal assistant. But knowing which tasks to delegate can be tricky, whether you're starting or growing a business.

Executives/small businesses can use Virtual Assistants for many different purposes from making vendor or customer service calls to sending out thank you cards to prospective clients.

Here are just a few ways you can use a virtual assistant to improve your business:

  • Diary management
  • Document and presentations typing and proofing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Online Research
  • Database entries
  • Managing email
  • Social tasks
  • Travel and travel research
  • And so much more!

Although a Virtual Assistant is not necessarily based at the company premises, it is important to manage the relationship and build the necessary trust - as you would with a permanent employee. It is also essential to manage the expectations of such an assistant, so that the relationship becomes one of mutual benefit and convenience.


If you are considering adding a new admin role to your staff, or if you are replacing an admin person, it may well be of benefit to consider a Virtual Assistant. But there are a number of things you need to be aware of and we would welcome an opportunity to tell you more about it. For guidance and assistance, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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