How to win the war for talent


Finding, developing, and retaining talent is hard — so much so that the business press refers to a “war” for talent. So how do you win this war and how do you retain the talent?

The answer is not to raise salaries and increase perks, but to implement a coaching program.

Coaching not only encourages and enables employees to perform at their best, but also has a number of major benefits including attraction, retention and return on investment.

Retaining sought after top-ranking graduates

In this competitive marketplace, ambitious graduates are looking for opportunities to thrive. They expect accelerated advancement. Yes, sometimes there’s a sense of entitlement; however, there’s a definite upside.

Graduates that are groomed into an organisation’s culture, “the way of doing things”, are productive sooner and add value to the organisation’s goals in unexpected ways. Organisations that establish a reputation for coaching and professional development opportunities become sought-after employers and magnets for top talent.

Looking after your Stars

Retaining high potential individuals demands continuous advancement opportunities. Every organisation fears losing talent as this represents major setbacks to leadership pipelines and the bottom line.

Coaching assists by making Stars feel valued and preparing them to take on new roles, facilitating the development needed to take the next step confidently, with individualised support.

Reinforcing a shared vision and values

As people advance within an organisation, their roles become less task focused and more people focused.

Coaching fosters formal professional development to expand an individual’s ability to:

  • Forge alliances, bring people onboard, enlist others in a shared vision
  • Persuade and influence through finely honed communication skills
  • Adopt big-picture thinking and a broader perspective

In addition to preparing people for advancement, the investment in Coaching sends a clear message to employees that they are valued team members.

Energising your workforce

Energy, too, is difficult to come by. Though intangible, it can be measured by the number of inspired employees in your workforce. Based on HBR Press research, inspired employees are three times more productive than dissatisfied employees.

Coaching provides an opportunity to energise and inspire employees whilst assisting them with challenges or blocks they may face in achieving their targets or goals.


The implementation of a Coaching program is a powerful and positive step in winning the war for talent in any organisation. If you would like further information or guidance with this, please make contact with us and we will do our best to assist you.

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