What you need to know about COIDA


Every year employers in South Africa are required by law to submit their Annual Workman’s Compensation Plan. This is an administrative task that can cause a number of issues and delays, so how do you do this with the least amount of complications?

The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, No 130 of 1993 (COIDA) provides for compensation for disablement caused by occupational injuries or diseases sustained or contracted by employees in the course of their employment, or for death resulting from such injuries or diseases.

Apart from the legal requirement to comply, the seriousness of occupational injuries and death on duty should put this matter high on the priority list for any employer.

The Hon. Minister of Labour, NM Oliphant announced on 12 February 2016 in a Government Gazette (39683) that she intends to increase the amount of earnings under Section 83 (8) of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993). The Maximum amount of earnings will increase from R355 752 to R377 097 per annum with effect from 01 April 2016.

The COIDA Return of Earnings submissions are usually due by the end of April, for the Tax Year that just ended.

The Return of Earnings information can be extracted from your payroll system, and your Payroll Administrator would have this information available. The report should list:

  • The TOTAL Payroll Income for Directors and Employees, between March and February
  • The TOTAL number of employees over this period

The quickest way to submit is by logging onto the Department of Labour’s (DOL) website at:


Registered Users

If you are a registered user, click the LOGIN TO ROE button, type in your User Name & Password and your latest return will display.

The fields required to be completed are:

  • Number of Employees from March to February of the Tax Year that has just ended
  • Total Earnings over that period
  • Number of anticipated employees for the new Tax Year
  • Total anticipated earnings over this period

Press Submit and the calculated costs will immediately display on your screen, showing Banking Details, as well as the Reference Number to use when making payment.

This screen can unfortunately not be printed, so we suggest you press PRINTSCREEN on your keyboard, PASTE to a blank Word document and make a printout for your records.

Unregistered Users

If you are not registered on DOL’s website, click the REGISTER FOR DOL USER ACCOUNT button after you’ve loaded the above quoted link and complete the required fields. On successful registration, DOL will send you an email with the User Name and Password that have been assigned to you. Keep this information somewhere safe for future use.

Once you have obtained your User Name and Password, follow the LOGIN TO ROE instructions above.


Complying with labour legislation can often present many unforeseen complications and problems. If you are not sure how this applies to you or how to get started, please make contact with us and we will do our best to assist you.

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