Employee Assistance Program: Retirement Preparation


The biggest mistake people make preparing for retirement is not preparing at all. The second biggest mistake is thinking about retirement preparation only in financial terms. Most people spend years preparing their financial retirement portfolios but neglect preparing for retirement on a mental, emotional and/or psychological level.

The objective of the RETIREMENT PREPARATION program will be to prepare employees emotionally and psychologically for their retirement as well as to create an awareness with regard to the necessity of proper planning and preparation for this time on various levels, including financial.

The program entails a number of at least four (4) sessions with the employee due for retirement within a three-year time-frame up to his/her actual retirement date. (The first three sessions can be either individual sessions or group sessions depending on the number of employees due for retirement in your organisation at that stage. The fourth session is an individual counselling session. A fifth (5) session, including the employee’s spouse/significant other where applicable, is optional.)

Brief overview of sessions:

  • The first session will take place three years before the employee’s actual retirement and will focus on an introduction to “Management of your finances and getting things in order”.

  • Session two (2) will take place one year later/at the two-year mark (two years before the employee’s actual retirement). This session will focus on the psycho-social preparation/readiness for retirement.

  • Session three (3) will take place one (1) year before the employee is due for retirement and will focus on “Am I ready/what do I need to still do?” and an exercise where the employee is guided in a process to search for purpose and meaning in the retirement period.

  • Session four (4) will take place between six and three months before the employee is due for retirement. This session is an individual session with the employee due for retirement within the next few months.

  • Session five (5) is a session with the employee’s spouse/significant other/partner, focusing on concerns, expectations, roles etc. of both parties with regard to the retirement period and how to facilitate a smoother transition.

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